Cinnamon, Lemon Grass, Long Pepper, Dried Ginger, etc.


Orthosiphon, Moringa, Centella, Turmeric, Mangosteen, Eurycoma Longifolia, etc

Agro Products

Gum Damar, Herb Extracts, etc

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CSR Program

We attended Corporate Social Responsibility training workshop held at Ministry of Trade on 3-4 October 2016. So many things we learned about CSR program in almost every aspects inside a company and its surrounded, which will encourage us to make a different for the company, people, planet and profit!

The next step will be preparing our policy on how to implement this CSR program further into our company. We will update you more on the progress.

HACCP Training

We will be attending HACCP training at Center for Agro-Based Industry, a government institution under Indonesian's Ministry of Industry on 4-6 August 2015. This will be another step for our company in terms of safeguard quality and foodsafety to our buyers.

Latransa Citra achieved Primaniyarta Award 2012 again

We are proudly to announce that we have won once again for Primaniyarta Award 2012, given by Indonesian Ministry of Trade. The Primaniyarta Award is awarded to Indonesian Exporter in developing their export’s values and showing their outstanding export performance.
This year 2012, likewise we have been awarded for Creative Economy Goods and Service Exporter, while in the previous year we have received the award under category Small Medium Enterprise Exporter. At the end, we would like to give our big appreciation and gratitude to our farmers who has been supportive to work side by side in exporting Indonesian Natural Products in Herbs, Spices & Agro Products

Primaniyarta Award 2011

This year is our exciting year. We received Primaniyarta Award 2011, which is the greatest reward given by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to the most successful Indonesian exporters and to them who can be the role model for the other Indonesian exporters. We have won under category of exporter for small and medium enterprises.

We would like to thank our farmers, clients and our governments that have giving us full support that have brought us to the higher level as Indonesian Exporter.

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11 / 17 /201506:49 AM
Food Ingredients Europe and Natural Ingredients 2015

We will be attending “Food Ingredients Europe and Natural Ingredients 2015″

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8 / 8 /201201:58 AM
Trade Expo Indonesia 2012

We will be attending Trade Expo Indonesia 2012 from 17-21 October

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8 / 24 /201101:56 AM
Anuga 2011 – World’s Leading Food Fair

We will be attending Anuga Food Fair at Cologne on 8th-12th

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